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What exactly is the Hynder Matras?

Hynder Matras is a stall flooring system that provides a resilient surface that will provide your horse with unsurpassed comfort comparable to a natural meadow. The Hynder Matras is installed on the floor of a horsebox and consists of two components:

  • The honeycomb mattress, which serves as the basis and is stuffed with uniform rubber granulate. This rubber granulate absorbs the shock the moment the horse lies down.
  • A liquid proof top cover, which consists of one part and is impregnated with a rubber-compound. This makes it a durable, slip proof and waterproof unit.

The top cover is fastened to the walls of the box. This way the mattresses cannot move and it is impossible for manure and urine to get under the Hynder Matras. Hynder Matras is not strictly a mat but an innovative (patented) shock absorbing mattress system!

The philosophy behind the Hynder Matras?

Inside or out, standing up or lying down: a horse is constantly in contact with the floor. The properties of this floor therefore have enormous impact on the well-being and comfort of the horse. The meadow as a natural environment provides the horse with resilient and comfortable flooring. Floors of horseboxes are the exact opposite and are hard and unforgiving. A vast amount of sawdust is needed to create a slightly pleasant floor surface. This amount of sawdust is not natural and may increase the risk of respiratory disease. Sawdust is also expensive and mucking out the box is often time consuming. It would be better if this time were to be spent in working with the horse instead of for the horse. 

The advantages of the Hynder Matras


For your horse                                           

  • Hynder Matras offers your horse unsurpassed comfort in the form of resilient stall flooring comparable to a natural meadow.
  • Horses housed on Hynder Matras are induced to lie down more often and longer.   
  • Hynder Matras offers healing and therapeutic qualities when the horse is standing  and a comfortable flat surface when it is lying down. It takes less time to recover from injuries while stiff joints regain suppleness quicker.
  • Hynder Matras insulates and prevents rising damp from the concrete flooring. Professional horse owners have noticed there is less tiredness of the legs and     subcutaneous fluid retention since they have been using Hynder Matras.
  • Hynder Matras provides anti-slip flooring which makes it easier for your horse to get up or lie down.
  • A strong reduction in the use of sawdust in combination with Hynder Matras without having to skimp on the horse’s comfort improves the quality of the air in the stall considerably. Less sawdust means less dust so the air quality is better.
  • Thanks to the resilient anti-slip surface the horse will seldom have hock sores. 
  • Older, lame or injured horses that, for instance, suffer from joint complaints will benefit from the comforting properties of the Hynder Matras. 
  • Hynder Matras provides excellent surroundings for the newly born foal. The foal will especially benefit from the insulating qualities and the better grip it provides.


For the horse owner

  • Hynder Matras is equal to a layer of sawdust 10 – 15 cm. thick. You can therefore save 75% sawdust without compromising your horse’s comfort. You do in fact provide your horse with a more comfortable and more natural stall flooring.
  • Time spent on mucking out is reduced by half. Less sawdust means less work and less cost.
  • Thanks to the top cover manure and urine are more easily removed.
  • In many areas the disposal of manure becomes more and more expensive. Hynder Matras can reduce the amount of manure by 65%. 
  • Hynder Matras does not only save you money it also gives you more time to spend working with your horse instead of having to work for your horse.

Why Canadian horse lovers prefer the Hynder Matras? 

-                      maximum comfort for the horse
-                      quicker recovery after injuries
-                      prevention of hock sores
-                      reduction of use of sawdust by 75%!
-                      improved air quality
-                      insulated non-slip floor surface
-                      halving of mucking out time
-                      reducing the amount of manure by 65%!


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